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49th Annual Ice Show: Setting the World on Fire

On April 8th and 9th, the Dan Kostel Recreation Center held its 49th Annual Ice Skating Show titled “Setting the World on Fire”.  From our tiniest tots beginning at age 3, to high school seniors, soloists, and our own Garfield Heights resident, National medalist, Ms. Katie McBeath.  Like the many skaters who have graced our ice before them, this year’s young athletes have worked hard and remained focused in their goals, while balancing a difficult schedule of school and other activities. We are inspired by their perseverance and commitment to skating, and congratulate the parents, grandparents, and other family members who support them. They all showcased their talent and gracefulness in the wonderful sport of figure skating.  Costumes and decorations lit up the recreation center, while the skaters were “on fire”!

A big thank you goes Mr. Robert Dobies, Sr., Director of Parks & Recreation, Mary Nichols, Administrative Assistant, Ms. Emily Mayausky, art teacher at GHHS, Ken Dillon, Mary Garrett, Melissa Irvine, Nikki Majka, Donnie Straight and Mitch Walkup - the decorations & stage crew staff at the recreation center who made it come alive!  Thanks to Ms. Holly Gray, head skating instructor & coordinator of the show & the skating pro’s:  Katie Butauski, Amanda Lange, Nikki Majka, Pamela Olszko, Victoria Sondej, and Rachel Sutor.

Ms. Julia Milosevic and Mayor, Vic Collova



We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the
2017 Mayor’s Trophy Winner, Ms. Julia Milosevic!

Julia is a sophomore at Brecksville/Broadview Heights High School.  She has been skating for eight years and is a member of the Garfield Heights Figure Skating Club.  Julia has successfully participated in many different competitions over the years under the direction of coach, Nikki Majka.  Winning the 2017 Mayor’s Trophy Award and qualifying for Showcase Nationals this past year have been her major milestones in her skating career.  She gives credit to her skating friends and family, who always encourage her to do her very best.  Outside of the ice rink, she is a member of her high school’s HUDDLE program and works at a local bakery.

View all of the photo's from this years show below!

Join us next year for our BIG 50th!

Great Balls of Fire

Hot Hot Hot

Fire Starter


Fire Burning

All Fired Up

Setting The World On Fire

We Didn't Start The Fire

Fire Burning
2016 Mayors Trophy Rachel Sutor with
Mayor Collova & Robert Dobies, Sr., Director