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Police - Personnel Complaint Form

The Police Department's image and reputation depend on the personal integrity and discipline of all department employees. To a large degree, the public image of the department is determined by a professional response to allegations of misconduct against its employees. The department must competently and impartially investigate all allegations of misconduct by employees and complaints bearing on the department's response to community needs. The department recognizes that its personnel are often subject to intense pressure in the discharge of their duties. The employee must remain neutral under circumstances that are likely to generate tension, excitement, and emotion. In these situations, actions and events frequently result in misunderstanding and confusion. It is to the advantage of all employees, and the community, to have a procedure for the investigation of the more serious allegations and underlying circumstances so that complaints can be resolved in light of the complicated pressures of law enforcement work. No complaint will be eliminated or refused due to arbitrary criteria. A complaint is an indication of a potential problem or misunderstanding. The openness of the department to the acceptance of a complaint is a principal element of police professionalism and community responsiveness. If the complaint or notice meets the elements defined, the complaint or notice of an allegation of misconduct will be accepted.

Just as we want to be made aware of allegations of misconduct we also feel it is important for the community to share their positive encounters with members of the department. This small "thank you" goes a long way to give a member purpose and a sense that someone does see and appreciate the job they are doing.

While anonymous complaints will be accepted, we encourage citizens to leave their name in order for our department to complete a more thorough investigation of the complaint.

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The Garfield Heights Police Department has the responsibility to protect the rights of all persons within its jurisdiction. This includes protecting its officers and employees from false allegations of misconduct. All complainants shall be aware of the following section of the Ohio Revised Code:

2921.15:   No person shall knowingly file a complaint against a peace officer that alleges that the peace officer engaged in misconduct in the performance of the officer's duties if the person knows that the allegation is false. Whoever violates this section is guilty of making a false allegation of peace officer misconduct, a misdemeanor of the first degree.