The Mayor's Report

The Mayor's Report 

Picture of Mayor Burke Over the last two years, Garfield Heights has been planning, and is now executing its Master Plan, conducted by the Cuyahoga County Planning Commission and now carried out by the city administration. This is important because we are in a favorable position to take advantage of growth opportunities afforded by our location and access to resources. 

Funded through a grant opportunity, the Master Plan is the driver behind many positive changes in the city. We are excited about the development of the Turney Road/Garfield Heights Boulevard corridor as a walking district with greater connectivity to Cleveland Metroparks and other recreation amenities. We are in the design phase of the reconstruction of Garfield Boulevard and we anticipate it breathing new life into the area when it is completed. We also see potential for large-scale revitalization in areas such as the Boulevard and Turneytown Shopping Center if we introduce commercial mixed-use zoning here, as showcased in the Master Plan. Another focus of the plan is to develop vacant lots. We are working on a plan for single-family in-fill housing in an effort to address the empty lots.

We are seeing more young people moving into Garfield Heights, which is great for the future of the city. We need to find reasons for them to stay and raise their family here. We are very proud of the work that Cleveland Metroparks is doing with the restoration of Garfield Pond at Garfield Park Reservation. Soon families will be able to spend the day at the pond enjoying activities such as boating, kayaking and picnicking. The new Metroparks trail at Wargo Farms, located on Hathaway Road, is under construction and soon people will enjoy walking along it and enjoying the natural beauty of the south end of Garfield Heights. Our Parks and Recreation Master Plan is in progress and we will be concentrating on improving our city-owned parks over the next few years. Focus on planning for the future of the park and playground spaces in Garfield Heights greatly contributes to the health, social, aesthetic and recreation benefits available to the public. It is important for a community to provide low or no-cost recreation options, bring people to nature, make outdoor recreation more accessible and provide safe and attractive places for individuals and families to exercise and plan. Our vision for green space will serve residents and visitors for decades to come. 

Cuyahoga County Executive Chris Ronayne is recommending Garfield Heights be the new location for the County Central Services Campus, which would include the construction of a new corrections facility and other buildings for service providers at Transportation Boulevard and Granger Roads. The 72-acre property is owned by a private developer and the county council will decide whether to purchase and build the facility. We see it as a positive opportunity that would include potential for shared services as well as additional income for the city during the construction phase and then when it is up and operating. I want to assure residents we are continually addressing safety throughout our community and we want citizens to be involved. Check on your neighbors, watch your surroundings, call the police when you see something suspicious. Help our safety forces help you. 

We recently released our new city logo and slogan, “Garfield Heights, Your Gateway to Opportunity,” and I hope residents support my vision for a vibrant, trendy and diverse city. 


Welcome to Garfield Heights

Watch the video below for a welcoming message from the Mayor.