Ice Exhibition 2023

2023 Ice Exhibition

This year our show was a little different but it was so amazing. We had outstanding performances from coaches, students, and guests! If you missed this dynamic Ics Skating Exhibition here are some highlights!

Advanced Skaters Opening show

2023 Robert A. Dobies, Sr. Memorial Bulldog Award Winners

This award is given out every year at the end of our skating season in Honor of the late Robert A. Dobies, Sr. past Director of the Parks & Recreation Department.  This award is presented to a youth figure skater, and a youth hockey player showing the characteristics of always being a team player, their attitude, dedication, and most improvement during the season.  Our winners for 2023 are:

For our Youth Hockey Program - Hosea Cole, and for Figure Skating - Ari & Rosario Ellis.

Hosea Cole is 11 years old and resides in Garfield Heights with his parents Heidi & Nick and is the   oldest of 5 and big brother to his 4 little sisters.  Hosea started skating at the Dan Kostel Recreation center at the age of 5.   The beginning of his skating career was a little rough, and he did not come back the following year (as for most 5 year olds it can be a little intimidating at first) but after having a year off, Hosea came back and soon went over to the beginner youth In-House hockey program, and from then on his love for the game of hockey began.  On any given Saturday you can find him up at the recreation center getting dressed in the locker room & ready to go – he also helps the younger players on the team weather its coaching tips out on the ice or helping them get dressed in the locker room.  Hosea participates not only in skating but in our other youth sports programs, in the Fall he juggles Soccer and Hockey and during the summer you can find him almost every day at the city pool swimming.  As soon as he becomes a little older, he will probably be working at the family owned restaurant in Independence “the Scratch”.Bulldog Award Winner for Hockey Hosea Cole

This year the Figure skating award goes to 2 sisters. Ari and Rosario Ellis also reside in Garfield Heights and attend St. Benedict Catholic School.  Ari and Rosario started skating at the Garfield Heights Recreation Center in 2015, Ari was 3 and Rosario was 4 years old.   They both attend St. Benedict Catholic School, Ari is in the 4th grade and Rosario is in the 5th grade, they are 11 months apart in age.  Both students are on the Honor Roll and participate in many different activities throughout the year such as ice skating, soccer, volleyball and swimming.   Along with participating in athletics they take violin lessons and participate in drama club.  At the start of Fall, both are excited & can’t wait for the ice rink to open back up for the season &  look forward to starting up again in the Learn to Skate program.  You can find Ari & Rosario on any Public Session or practice ice always here with big smiles on their faces.

Bulldog Award Winner Ice Skating Ari and Rosario Ellis

Congratulations to Hosea, Ari and Rosario!