Councilwoman Rachelle Tonsing - Ward 5


Rachelle Tonsing was born and raised in Garfield Heights, graduating from Garfield Heights High School in 1990.  She attended Cuyahoga Community College and has been working in Garfield Heights at Marymount Hospital for over 29 years.  She raised two sons who also graduated from Garfield Heights High School.   

Rachelle is deep-rooted in the community, her ancestors came to Garfield Heights in the 1800s which makes Rachelle a 4th Generation Tonsing. Her family owned farmland from the historical house on Tonsing to Tinkers Creek. The Tonsing Family helped build St. John’s Lutheran Church and Cemetery.

Rachelle is passionate about her community, as a lifelong resident of the city she has been involved in youth sports and 18 years of Cub/Boy scouts. She has been an active member of the community volunteering over the years for various events including fundraisers, and community clean-ups.  

She is also active on various committees at Marymount involving patient care and employee engagement.  

Rachelle’s message:

I love this city and want the best for it. I'm a lifelong resident who will work hard for our community and our residents. Together we can make a change. Together we are better.

Interactive Ward Map

Interactive Ward Map